Fox steals smartphone, sends SMS

At last a Fox story which is probably true – a Norwegian fox pinched a smartphone and used it to send an SMS.

According to Live Leak,  Lars Andreas Bjercke, 16 downloaded an application on his smartphone which aims to attract nearby foxes.

Apparently the phone app attracted foxes by imitating rabbit sounds. This is opposed to the rabbit app which attracts bunnies by making the sound of a lettuce.

The application worked so well that the fox circled around Lars’s yard for several nights looking for the tasty sounding bunny boomer.

Then Lars hit on the idea of putting the phone in the middle of the road.

The fox walked up to the phone. At first, he was afraid of it, but soon dared to get closer and smell it. Then it grabbed the phone and ran into the bushes.

Later, looking for his phone, Lars called his number and was answered by the Fox. Since one person was a teenager and could not speak more than a few grunts, and the other one was a fox it was not a great conversation.

Then the next day his mate cornered him and asked him why he had been sending him odd SMS’s.

The message said: “I FRY o a0ab 34348tu åaugjoi zølbmosdji jsøg ijio sjiw.” Tragically no one spoke Fox.

Lars still has not found his phone although he has seen the fox hanging around. Clearly he must have removed the sim or sold it on.