Former Intel foe hooks up on Android

VIA Telecom and Wind River have teamed up and announced they’ll be collaborating for the next couple of years on a project aiming to sell cheap, yet rather good Android smartphones to Chinese OEMs.

Wind River, nowadays wholly owned by VIA rival Intel, will bung its platform for Android into the equation, whilst VIA Telecom will add its 3G EVDO Rev. A and 1xRTT modem and telephony software. In addition, VIA’s telecoms was responsible for the PCBA (print circuit board assembly) phone board hardware.

Intel’s subsidiary stated whilst the project, dubbed Kunlun, is aimed at the Chinese market, but it can naturally also be used to churn out smartphones for other markets. Handsets can be designed to support GPS, wifi, Bluetooth, an FM radio and the compulsory camera, keyboard, touchpad and microSD.

The deal seems to be an entirely reasonable affair, allowing both parties to offer a platform by throwing their respective kit together for the Chinese smartphone market and sharing the turnover. Wind River sees low-cost smartphones as encroaching on regular joe feature phones. “S40, beware, Wind River powered Droids are coming,” wrote Chris Buerger on his company blog, firing against Nokia.

VIA Telecom’s CEO and some Wind River VP professed how wonderful it was to work together, that they will rake in loads of money for their owners, hang out at bars together and arrange marriages for their daughters and sons, as well as jointly worship C’thulhu in secret corners of Taiwan, Alameda and embedded processors.