Forget white iPhones, Orange says, black is the new black

Blighty Punters waiting for a White iPhone 4 will have to wait until the end of the year, according to Orange.

Apparently the telco is telling customers that if they want one of Jobs’s Mobs iPhone 4 in white it will be 2011 at the earliest.

Orange is not telling anyone anything else, but if you want a broken iPhone 4 which requires a rubber band to work, you can have any colour so long as it is black.

Snaps of a white iPhone have appeared on the world wide wibble, but these appear to be photoshopped.

However smart retailers in China have worked out that they can make a bob or two offering a service to Apple fanboys who must have their phones in white.

Apparently you can get a DIY kits to convert your handsets at a cost. There is one site offering to do it like .

Quite why anyone would be so determined to own a white iPhone is beyond us, but the lack of the beasts is showing up more problems in the Iphone Flaw saga.

Last month Steve Jobs said that the white iPhone would be coming towards the end of September. Even allowing for the fact that Apple treats UK punters like second class citizens and supplies them with toys a long way behind the US, next year does seem a bit of a stretch.

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hellish yarn which claims that a white Iphone is proving too tricky for Jobs’ Mob’s outsourced Chinese plants to make.

Previously Apple has had problems with the white turning to a nicotine stained yellow thanks to the iPhone’s heating.