Forget Apple, the money is in Android

While the Apple App store is packed full of software and has a better reach, a top developer has pointed out that he makes much more cash from writing Android code.

Spacetime chief executive Gary Gattis flogs applications on both platforms and he said that there is much higher user activity on Android.

For example his Pocket Legends app, which is an MMO game downloaded 9,000 times daily on the Android Market, while the iOS counterpart only averages 3,000 to 4,000 daily downloads.

According to Computerworld, the download numbers equate to a significant difference in revenue from each platform.

Gattis said that Android users typically generate 30 to 50 percent more revenue than iOS users, including profits from app purchases and advertising.

The other bonus is that Android users keep the app for more time than the iOS version by a factor of three and were three times more likely to click on ads.

Gattis said that the gap might be because of the smaller number of competing apps on the Android platform.

However he said that Google was much better at working to “nurture the gaming community” than Jobs’ Mob.