Flash 10.1 "better than HTML5" on mobile, says man

Apple’s Steve Jobs’ might have got it all wrong when he targeted HTML 5 as a suitable replacement for Flash on mobile phones.

Web developer Chris Black has been doing some benchmarking and discovered that Flash 10.1 is better than HTML5 technology on mobile phones.

Black has used an iPod Touch device from Apple, and an Android Nexus One, to test which find out whether HTML5 or Flash runs better on mobile devices.

Writing in his bog , Black runs an animation on the iPod Touch which is integrated with HTML 5’s Canvas and Java Script technology.

He also runs another version of the same animation on Google’s Nexus One.

Black concludes that canvas performance on the new iPod Touch and iPhone 4G is laughable at 22FPS rendering simple animation. At least the Nexus One can muster up a decent 40FPS for basic canvas rendering.

But the “Flash Player 10.1 on the other hand, blows HTML5 out of the water running at 57FPS on the Nexus One. To make matters worse for Jobs’ vision HTML5 consumed twice the battery life as Flash for these tests on the Android.

Jobs always claimed that Flash had to be purged from his walled garden of delights because it was responsible for all the crashes in Mac Land.

However if the Flash player is actually much better, then it calls into question Jobs’ real motivation. Perhaps Adobe has simply refused to do what it is told.