FCC slaps Verizon with a fine record

US watchdog the FCC has growled and bitten the mobile phone outfit Verizon Wireless with a record $25 million fine.

The FCC said that Verizon Mobile had overcharged customers millions of dollars for services they never used.

Verizon asked its customers to pay its 15 million victims, er customers, $77.8 million for the mysterious fees which were small and few noticed.

It is the the largest fine that the FCC has ordered in its history. In addition to the fine, Verizon has had to pay back $52.8 million to its customers. It seems that a chunk of Verizon customers are not going to get refunded.

Verizon customers were charged $1.99 a minute for data connections the user hadn’t approved.

Many customers who subscribed only to voice services were being billed for data services they were not using. Additionally, websites Verizon stated to be free of charge for those using the carrier were wrongly advertised and did indeed charge a fee.

The Company has admitted responsibility for the errors, and said sorry. Verizon reported it was a “computer error” that caused the erroneous charges.