Expect Skype support for the iPad 2

If the iPad 2 has a camera and it almost definitely has, then we’re going to see it supported by Skype. And Skype executives told me in Barcelona that it will support Research in Motion’s tablet, too.

Skype is in a good position with the competition too. One senior executive said: “I think when youre looking at other enterprise solutions they’re costly, Telepresence for example. At peak [times] we have 28 million people on line. The execs talked over a number of themes including fraud, and admitted that Skype should have addressed this problem quicker and better. A few weeks ago, we reported difficulties one of our reporters had when his Skype account was fraudulently attacked.

“I know that as a company, it’s a huge priority, and [we’re]  investing a ton to extending support staff, and putting in place 24 hour response times. and success with decreasing response time. It  [security[ is a huge priority. and we have raised a big flag on this,” the executive said.
He added that Skype was going to offer more options where people can pay a subscription and with the group calling you get live chat – with support. But, he said, if  you want good support you must pay a fee.

Skype does not have any inside knowledge about the iPad 2, he said, but is determined to support a broad array of tablets – that is a company priority.

Skype is making deals with operators all over the world, especially in emerging markets. It has a new programme to put a thin Skype client on whatever phone they like,  and use less data and less bandwidth. The company is also working with the United Nations and created a light Skype client that does very basic IM and messaging for refugees and for poor people in rural areas.