Ex CEO: Nokia was doomed years ago

Nokia knew that it was on its way out nearly a decade ago if it did not do something to sort out its software problems.

Jorma Ollila, who was Nokia’s CEO between 1992 and 2006, told YLE that the telco’s weaknesses were known then.

He said that Nokia’s problems began with the weakness of its software platform capabilities and the fact that it was not a European power.

It was decided that this weakness should become a company strength instead, but Nokia just could not build the software it needed. Instead it focused on making feature phones.

Ollila said one of the older employees told him about his vision for the future of mobile and the man got it spot on.

The older employee said that the feature phone guys were responsible for keeping Nokia alive.

What will happen is that if anyone comes up with a good idea or deviates from the idea that the company should worship the “dumb phone guys”, it will be ignored or put to work on a project that’ll never leave the planning stage.

Ollila added that it broke his heart that Nokia was filled with talented people who were incredibly mismanaged.

He said all of his former colleagues had left the company because they didn’t want to be aboard a sinking ship.