Everything Everywhere goes live as 1200 sacked

Not to worry if your job has been axed – the poor 1200 sacked as a result of the T-Mobile and Orange merger called Everything Everywhere – your signal’s going to enjoy a bit of a boost as the shared network is live, today, right now!

This is a good thing because Orange coverage has been, in this scribbler’s experience, unreliable at best. Will report back if  the bar gets up to one or two instead of zero.

To take full advantage of the omnipotent Everything Everywhere customers will need to head on over to t-mobile.co.uk/share or orange.co.uk/share depending on which network you’re with, obviously.

The Telegraph reported late last month that Everything Everywhere is up for slashing its workforce by 1200. That’s about 7.5 percent of its entire staff. It has already been reporting losses, with revenues down in the three months running up to June down 5.3 percent.