Ever wondered what an Android user looked like?

A silly season story which popped up in our in tray goes to show the old adage that you can prove anything with statistics.

BlueStacks pooled together some Nielsen data and poll results to find out what sort of person buys an Android phone and they looked for the answers to questions not usually included in a poll. They asked do you think your head is bigger than others, do you wear glasses or have combat pants? They claimed that this would give a picture of Mr Android.

The reason being is that we don’t really want to know if the average Android user knows their technology, or can spot a good buy we want to know if they are ugly. Particularly since the survey will show Android users up against the “beautiful people” who own an iPhone.

Strangely BlueStacks has a vested interest in making Android look cooler as it enables Android applications to run on consumer and enterprise Windows machines.

Besides there’s news that a third of Android users have never downloaded a paid app. Nine percent said they had an Android tablet but not an Android phone, and they reported an average monthly data use of 582MB.

Then it gets really silly with 18 percent of its poll respondents reported having an unusually large head, 6 percent said they wear khakis, 45 percent wear a watch, and 37 percent said they wear glasses.

It would give you the impression that Android users are ugly, combat pant wearing and bespectacled. Suddenly in a line-up, Apple fanboys might actually get date if that is what Mr Android looks like.

But hang on the statistics show something different. Nearly 80 per cent thought their head was normal, 60 per cent have perfect eyesight, and 94 percent don’t wear combat pants. Mr Android is the complete opposite from the picture BlueStacks is painting.

It is proof to us that 84 percent of statistics are made up.