EU gives thumbs up to Google Motorola deal

The EU has decided that no evil will come if Google is allowed to buy Motorola Mobility.

The $12.5 billion deal has been slammed by open source and consumer rights advocates, and while many expected the US regulators to roll over and allow it, the European Commission was seen as having been made of sterner stuff.

However, the Commission announced that the acquisition could go ahead, without conditions.

Google will now have its paws on 17,000 smartphone patents, but the internet giant has pledged to licence them under fair and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.

However, in a letter to 15 standards bodies, Google has listed a number of exceptions for when it would abandon this promise. These would include if a company is suing it and will not allow licensing agreements such as Apple is doing in its Android war.

Consumer Watchdog’s John Simpson told Techworld   that if Google is allowed to dominate the mobile market it will result in higher prices for consumers and stifle innovation.