Droid made my ear bleed, man claims

Mobile phone maker Motorola says it is investigating the strange case of a bloke who had one of its expensive Droid smartphones explode in his ear.

Aron Embry, who hails from Texas, claims he was making a call on his new Motorola Droid 2 phone when he heard a loud pop, then his ear started bleeding.

Embry told the press that he didn’t feel any pain until he put the phone down and felt something dripping. It turned out it was him.

He went home and once he got into the bathroom and once he got to the mirror he saw blood pouring from his ear, it was only then that he looked at his phone and noticed the screen had appeared to burst outward.

Embry’s reaction was not to ring for help. He popped around to his wife’s work to show her the bleeding ear. She called the ambulance. Someone appears to have arranged a press conference where both husband and wife are waving the bloodstained and cracked phone.

The 30-year-old needed stitches to his ears but doctors said he didn’t suffer any damage to his hearing.

Motorola is investigating, but the industry is a little sceptical if the phone exploded in that way.

Mobile phone expert Daniel Harrison told Fox News that he could not see how it happened. He said that it looks like it wasn’t something that was just a manufacturing defect. It looks like it was actually “user caused”.

Part of the problem with Embry’s tale is that the phone still works rather well and its battery is still intact. Phones have exploded before, but it has usually been a battery fault and they don’t work afterwards.