Droid 2 outclasses predecessors

Compared to its first model the MotorolaVerizon Droid 2 is a completely different machine under the bonnet and might give Jobs’ Mob a few sleepless nights.On the outside the beast looks the same, but those who have got the back off the Droid 2 at ifixit  say it is a completely different machine.

There is a new Texas Instruments processor which runs at 1GHz which is twice as fast as the old 550MHz (Droid). Elpida Memory supplies the 512MB DRAM module, which again is twice the capacity of the original Droid.

There is an 8GB flash memory module from SanDisk and TI’s power management and WLAN Bluetooth/FM chips.All light years ahead of what was inside the original highly popular Droid. Strangely there is not a dicky bird about all this Texas Instruments stuff on Motorola’s Droid 2 tech specs page.

But another thing that we find strange is that despite the obvious change in spec which was revealed by iFixit a large number of the reviews that have come out about the Droid 2 complain that it has an identical spec to the Droid One.

Now call us strange, but we would think a doubling of the speed of the processor, RAM, Flash Memory and the introduction of WLAN and Bluetooth chips is a fairly significant change, and also one which would make the number one rival, Apple very green around the gills.So why do all the reviews praise the Droid but claim it is still the same phone? .

In fact going through the reviews all of them seem to be saying that it is the same as the Droid One .PC World  not only has its review with sub headings like “more of the same” and then focuses on only the speaker component being the same.

The mag  then insists that the Droid Two should not have “the same problem as all other smart phones” in that it should have a “death grip”. Hang on, it was only Apple PR which said that smartphones all suffer from Apple’s iPhone 4 design faults. It was a claim that Jobs’ Mob later pulled when it was revealed that only Apple’s iPhone 4 suffered from that problem.  

We are sure that the tech press is not all be populated by Apple fanbois who are only interested in promoting Jobs’ Mob products at the expense of their own readership.   But really, letting fanbois write reviews should be banned.