Driving teenagers less likely to use mobiles

A study by the Pew Research Center said that while teens get a lot of stick for driving while using their mobiles it is more likely that their parents will be doing it.

Adults are just as likely to have texted while driving and even more likely to have talked on the phone. Not at the same time of course.

According to the study, which has the catchy title Adults and Cell Phone Distractions by the Pew Research Center, nearly half of adults admit to texting while driving versus 34 per cent of teens. 75 per cent of adults admit to talking on the phone while driving compared to 52 per cent of teens.

Of course, there is the slight problem that teens would never admit to doing anything wrong ever. It is always someone else’s fault and the dog seems addicted to eating homework.

In fact, Digitriad asked a local cop who he tended to arrest more for this sort of lark and he says it was nearly always teenagers.

Not because he does not like them much, but more because he has to turn up to accident scenes where a kid has sideswiped someone while texting a mate.

Ethan Holt, a highway patrol trooper , said he could not think of any day that he might be working and see more youths using mobile phones rather than adults.

In Rome this is not a problem. Most of the kids drive Vespas and can’t hear anyone if they try to talk to them on the phone. They do not need a mobile phone to die in a car crash as they are more likely to run red lights or overtake on the inside.