Dr Dre lends his name to Taiwanese electronics manufacturer

Taiwan’s electronics industry is entering the exciting world of rhyming about bitches, with the announcement that HTC plans some Beats by Dr Dre phones in the near future.

Beats by Dr Dre are expensive headphones which are of reasonable quality but cost more than usual because Dr Dre has lent his name to the packaging. Of course, Universal Music Group is dressing up the partnership as a loyal service to the consumer.

In a bout of corporate pseuds, the CEO at Interscope said in a statement: “This represents a critical step in our continued mission to clean up the destruction of audio caused by the digital revolution”.  What?

HTC is buying a 51 percent stake in Beats for roughly $300 million, reports the Wall Street Journal. Beats will continue to operate autonomously as it is integrated into the smartphones – which Beats execs claim are the future in media consumption. Which is why the deal makes sense, they say. 

We’re hoping for the good old days of Death Row when Dre was mostly writing songs called Rat-Tat-Tat and considering 187s on undercover cops, a far cry from name-as-a-brand on the side of some Taiwanese phone that retails for $500, from the man that “never hesitates to put a nigga on his back”. 

It’s expected Nokia will have to settle for the Bomfunk MC’s, and there are whispered rumours of the LG Cool J.

That said, HTC and Beats both think the partnership can add real value to the sound in HTC phones. But gone aren’t the days when Dre’s biggest fans will happily get by with a tinny version pirated off YouTube, washed out with background noise, bothering commuters on the top deck of a London bus. 

And it’s only a matter of time before Apple takes to the courts, claiming to have invented G-Funk in the first place.