Docomo turns to cloud, introduces LTE to Japan and plans tablet

DoCoMo’s CEO Ryuji Yamada has told visitors at Mobile Asia Congress in Hong Kong that he has some plans for Long Term Evolution. 

Docomo, which is Japan’s largest mobile operator, has a plan for the wireless WiMAX rival which will be focused on connecting to the cloud. His company will be developing the majority of its average revenue per user from data services, reports Light Reading.  It is something Docomo may be pinning its hopes on: “Cloud serrvices are goign to be very important for us in the future.”

Its service, Xi, pronounced “crossy”, will be the first LTE to be rolled out across Japan.  Yamada is expecting LTE subscribers for Xi to hit the 15 million mark by 2015, says the Wall Street Journal. It will not be offering the iPhone – rival Softbank is the only carrier to offer the iPhone and iPad. Perhaps its own network and own offerings can offer it some hope. Sharp and Panasonic are both keen to strong-arm the Japanese market out of its tendency to buy into Apple products. 

Docomo will sell Xi data terminals for connection to mobile computers, says Daily Rosetta, starting with the USB-type L-02C. 

Docomo also plans to introduce an e-book reader next month and a tablet device next year for its native Japan.