Disney buys hugely popular iPhone developer

Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG) has bought iPhone game developer Tapulous along with all of ts success. Tapulous developed popular music game “Tap Tap Revenge” for the iPhone, which so far has been downloaded by 30 million users, or more than a third of iPhone owners – it’s the bloody modern day Tulip Craze.

Tap Tap Revenge’s users found unknown pleasures wearing their fingers to the bone, tapping away at their  touchscreen as if it would reveal the location(s) of Atlantis, El Salvador, the Spear of Longinus or the Holy Grail. 

Disney’s bastard Uncle Scrooge must have figured there’s tons of cash to rake in with cutesy apps to add even more fantastabillions and Disney Dollars to his cash pile. however it is not known how successful Mr. Scrooge was in negotiating a favourable price.

DIMG itself has a range of cutesy games out such as Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Lite, Fairies Fly Lite and JellyCar 2. It also cooperates with Softbank in Japan, where it offers exclusive content on a Disney-branded mobile phone.

Tapulous has created band-branded Tap Tap Revenge versions, such as Tap Tap Nickelback, Tap Tap Nirvana, Tap Tap Metallica and Tap Tap Lady Gaga. Members of the 27-club Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain are no doubt looking down from heaven giving their blessings to double-corporate pop music Cupertino sponsorship.

Disney did not announce if there will be Tap Tap Duck Tales or Tap Tap Chip & Chap anytime soon. We’re hoping for Tap Tap Lion King, where you must tap to guide a sea of wildebeest into trampling Mufasa. You could call it Tap Tap Trample.