Developers walk away from Blackberry

RIM is facing a mass migration of developers according to Bloomberg  .

Seesmic, which makes social-media software, and Mobile Roadie, which makes apps for fans of the Miami Dolphins and country singer Taylor Swift, have decided to stop making products for RIM.

While this might only affect people who follow Miami sports teams and Taylor Swift, others appear to be following.

Purple Forge, which makes programs for political campaigns, will stop building BlackBerry versions of its apps unless customers ask for them.

Seesmic Chief Executive Officer Loic Le Meur said that there is an explosive growth of the iPhone and the Android operating systems and little point making Blackberry apps.

RIM has been trying to claw back support among developers to fight back against Apple and Google’s Android, but last week’s quarterly revenue predictions and plans to cut jobs is being seen as the writing on the wall for RIM.

RIM has indicated that it needs to increase the number of programs for customers. There are more than 35,000 apps in the company’s online store. But there are 200,000 apps in the Android Market and more than 425,000 in Apple’s App Store.

Developers told Bloomberg that they are stepping back from BlackBerry because creating apps is too complex and costly for the size of the market.

To make matters worse, RIM gear has different screen sizes, varied operating systems and several ways to navigate.

Purple Forge CEO Brian Hurley said that RIM brought in a touchscreen and mixed it with a thumbwheel, a keyboard and shortcut keys and made it really difficult and expensive to develop across devices.