Developers fall over themselves for the iPad

PEOPLE in the know, and strokers of beards have noticed a sudden upswing in the number of pointless iPhone applications suddenly appearing on Apple’s application site.

The spike in the number of applications appearing at the site coincides with the announcement of Apple’s overpriced, keyboardless, netbook, the iPad.

Mobile analytics company Flurry said that App development for the Apple iPhone spiked by 185 percent following the unveiling of the device.  Now it is possible to find all those fairly pointless applications which you pay for and never need for the iPad as well as the iPhone.

This is because the iPad is essentially a bigger, less useful version of the iPhone so developers can flog software on two gizmos.

About 19 percent of the apps were created by gaming companies, with, traditional media and bricks-and-mortar companies following at 17 percent each, and mobile-centric companies at five  percent.

Peter Farago, vice president of marketing for Flurry said that in the six weeks since Apple announced the iPad, Flurry continues to measure a significant increase in iPhone OS new application starts within the system.

He thinks that a large number of the iPhone applications have been customised to use the larger screen.

It seems that if Apple’s iPad fails then Jobs’ Mob will find it jolly hard to make any excuses. There is plenty of software and more marketing hype and free advertising. Of course there is a slight problem that the iPad is about as useless as a chocolate teapot and its killer app is the fact that you can use it as a tray to take a cup of coffee back to your desk after visiting the machine. Of course if the battery runs out and it is not in mint condition you will have to throw it away as Apple will not allow you to change the iBattery.