Developers bet on Android

Developers think that Google’s Android operating system eventually will kill off all its rivals to power all connected gear in the future.

According to a survey by research firm IDC and software company Appcelerator, 72 percent of developers said Android was “best positioned” to power the most and the widest variety of connected gear in the future. Less than a quarter thought that the Apple’s iOS will rule the new device world.

More than 2,400 developers took part in the survey. Most agreed that Jobs’ Mob had domination of the mobile computing market. More than 76 percent said that the iOS represents the best current moneymaking opportunities, versus just 19 percent for Android.

However their view is that this is short term as Google’s open-source Android will dominate over Apple’s tightly controlled iOS. They said that Steve Jobs is repeating the same mistake that handed the control of the PC market to Microsoft. Basically by refusing to make it available and give up some of its controls, Apple is giving domination of the mobile market to Android.

Recent reports have predicted that Android would leapfrog Apple’s iOS in the smartphone market by the end of the year, and its open source code will make it the market leader in many other devices such as internet televisions, video conferencing systems and cars. However this is the first time that developers have acknowledged the trend.

Their support is crucial to the long term dominance of an operating system. If Steve Jobs can’t find people to make applications for his shiny toys, the whole thing will go tits up.