Detect chav scum with the ASBO app

Looking for a way to discover how likely it is that some dirty hoodlums will try to jack you? A new iPhone and Android app may have the answer.

Using the ability to lift information from local government databases, the ‘Asborometer’ can give you important information about the level of anti-social behaviour in an area, as well as other stats, based on postcodes.

It does this by looking at information detailing the number of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) provided by the Home Office in England and Wales. 

This might be a particular problem for estate agents, as any prospective house buyers will be able to know very quickly whether the place they are moving into is likely to have difficult neighbours.

It’s free to download for the iPhone and Android systems, with creator Jeff Gilfelt quoted by The Sun as saying: “Although its name is fun, it has a serious message.”

It’s not an official app, but it takes advantage of the government’s recent move to open up information for public use.

There are already a number of apps that have been developed taking advantage of the data, such as for finding the right care home and where your local GP is.

This is one of the first to detect criminal activity, and could lead to a rash of other similar apps. For example, you could imagine one showing where violent crime and murders are likely to be – which may stop you from walking down that time-saving short cut.