Dell offers replacements for WP7 Venue Pro blunder

Windows Phone 7 is already encountering major problems only weeks after its launch, with Dell’s Venue Pro smartphone suffering from a Wi-Fi bug and mislabelled batteries which is forcing the company to offer replacements to affected customers.

In a blog post Dell revealed that it had shipped a number of its Venue Pro smartphones with battery labels that said “Engineering Samples”. Obviously customers were concerned that they had received samples rather than the finished product.

Dell said it has investigated the matter and found that the batteries are production quality and not engineering samples, but that they had been mislabelled in the factory.

That is unlikely to satisfy some customers, so Dell has offered to give replacements of the Venue Pro at any Microsoft Store starting at the end of next week.

That was not the only problem affecting the Venue Pro. A bug prevented users from connecting to secured Wi-Fi connections, making it impossible to connect to the internet unless there was 3G or an unsecured Wi-Fi hub around. A smartphone without the net is not very smart at all.

Dell said that this problem was a software glitch that occured on initial shipments of its phones during the manufacturing process. It was keen to point out that it was not a hardware problem, nor was it a fault with the Windows Phone 7 operating system itself, which really cannot afford a bad reputation so early into its launch.

For those affected by this problem replacements will also be offered at a Microsoft Store from the end of next week.