Dell denies pulling out of the PC business

Tinman Michael Dell has denied a rumour that he wants to take the company private so he can get out of making PCs and get into mobile phones and tablets instead.

It is truly bizarre because it is based on a fallacy that PCs are being replaced by tablets rather than the industry is in the doledrums because of the economy.  When Dell has tried to do anything mobile it has usually ended in tears.

Just to make sure that everyone got the message Dell stated in no uncertain terms at the Dell Solutions Summit in Beijing, China, that Dell will continue to build and sell PCs and the reason is that he sees large growth potential in emerging markets.

While the first quarter was a rough one for the PC industry, which as a whole saw sales decline, Dell saw market share gains. Dell pointed out that meant that things were taking off, and there are some areas where sales never slumped at all. China and India still want PCs.

Michael Dell concluded that there is no reason why the company shouldn’t continue to invest in PCs and tablets.