Dell competes with Intel for Chinese mobile market

Another potential spanner in the works for Intel and its late-to-market mobile strategy: footsoldier Dell is working with Baidu in China to take on Intel’s Omerta with Tencent.

While Intel recently announced a partnership with the huge Tencent and ZTE over in China  to push its Oak Trail in mobile devices, like tablets and, er, mobile, ally Dell has announced it plans to swamp China with its own small tin boxes. 

Dell’s relationship with Intel is a deep one. Both were foisted in front of the courts on antitrust allegations. It plans to design and develop smartphones for the booming Chinese market which will run on Baidu’s recently announced mobile platform Baidu Yi.

Baidu isn’t just China’s equivalent search portal to Google. It holds a phenomenal amount of share online, helped along by small factors like it’s hard to pronounce Google in Han. However, there is still a link and a boost for Google as the platform is not drawn up from scratch, and is Android based.

However, execs at the Chinese search company have not completely ditched plans for a platform of its own, reports Auntie

It also claimed to be working with other handset makers, which could be a good bet considering Dell’s very limited success so far in the smartphone market.

If Dell decides to go ahead with Intel chips, it’s a win for Chipzilla, but the details are sparse right now. With MeeGo looking like it has been canned, the massive Chinese market is one which Intel will need to really capitalise on if it is to stay afloat and convince the world it can do mobile, too, depending on which way Windows 8 turns out.

A release date hasn’t been penned in publicly yet.