Daily Mail left with iPhone 4 egg on face

British newspaper the Daily Mail ran a story claiming that Apple would recall the iPhone 4 but Mashable showed that the news was written because hacks took seriously a parody Twitter account.

The Daily Mail has now downed its story and Apple has no plans to recall the gizmo, which has suffered criticism for not being quite the device it was intended to be.

The Mail story, said Mashable, boldly claimed that the recall was on its way and backed it up with quotes from the fake @ceoSteveJobs Twitter account.

Tweets on that channel included: “I heard the CEO of AT&T got married recently. The service was great but the reception was terrible”.

Problems with the iPhone 4 include not being able to get signals if you hold the phone in the wrong way. Apple’s response to that problem have included the advice to hold the phone in the right way.

Mashable is here