Court lets Samsung flog Galaxy Tab to EU

A German regional court has decided that it does not have the authority to impose a ban against the Galaxy tab through out the EU.

The Dusseldorf regional court brought in the ban as part of an injunction at the request of Jobs’ Mob.

However now the court has twigged that because of EU laws, its injunction might have applied to the whole of Europe.

The court said today that it was questionable whether its authority extended to international companies operating outside Germany, so it restricted a preliminary ban imposed last week on Samsung Electronics just to the Fatherland.

Apple is desperate to get the Galaxy Tab banned because it is widely seen as a the most credible alternative its product. It is easier to have the Tab banned by a court than it is to compete with it. So far Apple has not had to present any evidence to the court that Samsung nicked its ideas. Indeed some of the photographs it has given the court to prove its case so far have been faked.

The Dusseldorf court said its ban still applied to Germany. A hearing in the case was due next week.

Samsung told Reuters that it was looking forward to the opportunity to re-assert its intellectual property rights at the hearing scheduled on August 25.