Consumer watchdog barks at Apple again

Consumer Reports is furious that the fruity peddler of broken dreams, Apple, has stopped giving users a free rubber band to make its iPhone 4s “just work”.

As we reported yesterday, Apple stopped issuing the free rubber bands and claimed that calls dropped using its toy were only a problem in “a small number of cases”.

However Consumer Reports, which forced Jobs’ Mob to admit that there was a problem with the phone is telling the world + dog not to buy the beast.

It called Apple’s decision to discontinue the iPhone 4 free case program as “less consumer-friendly.”

It said that putting the onus on any owners of a product to obtain a remedy to a design flaw is not acceptable.

Now it seems that the tame Apple press has had enough of people disagreeing with Steve Jobs and is dragging up “experts” who insist that Consumer Report’s scientific testing was wrong.

One engineer often being quoted is Bob Egan who has dismissed the Consumer Reports test as “unscientific”.

“From what I can see in the reports, Consumer Reports replicated the same uncontrolled, unscientific experiments that many of the blogging sites have done,” Egan wrote on his website.

However Egan is an Apple fanboy who admits on his blog that he has not tested the phone at all. He is a bloke who claims it is unscientific to knock the iPhone 4 when he has not conducted any scientific testing at all.  He is also an “expert” who has bought three broken iPhones.  When it comes down to “proof” that refutes the iPhone 4 faults you might as well be asking the cat.

If you believe the latest wave of reports it means that all those dropped calls that Apple buyers are getting are all part of your imagination. What is scary is that Apple is continuing to get away with it.