Company flogs new mobile generation of choose-your-own-adventure books

Choose your own adventure books got a whole generation of kids reading about orcs and getting hand cramp as they tried to keep their fingers in 25 different pages at once. A company called MiFiction is trying to restart the geeky cult trend on mobiles.

The interactive books it is flogging are apparently called “Moooks,” yes, with that many vowels. It’s apparently a combination of the words ‘mobile’ and books’ but all we’re thinking is as UrbanDictionary defines the word: “Coined in the Scorsese film, ‘Mean Streets’, meaning an arsehole or loser.”

At the moment it has a range of titles available in a number of different categories. There’s one available to trial for free, right now, called The Three Tears which is about time travel or something.

Here is an excerpt: “How do you die, Finn?” asks Hugo. You can see it now, the unspoilt beach, the green panoply of the jungle, the surf breaking white behind you and the line of ragged soldier you’re facing and then the parakeets bursting from the tree tops in a kaleidoscope of colour as the shots ring out. You certainly don’t want to tell Hugo that sometimes you get executed by your own men.”

At this point you are given two options, neither of which make a bit of bloody sense at all. The options are, exactly as published:
– “You can tell him that ‘I’m a 107 and die in bed with my 18 year old girlfriend”
– “Or maybe something that he might believe like ‘Size shoots me because of Catherine'”.

Ohhh kay. Some other options are as exciting as “You may head north, or west”. Hopefully the other books are to a higher standard. Anyway, it’s good news for budding writers as MiFiction is looking for people to write for the site right now, and the bar doesn’t seem to be too high as is.

As bad as “The Three Tears” appears to be,  it’s kind of a cool idea to bring back simple choose your own adventure stories, though the ‘back’ button on your phone’s browser makes it even more tempting to cheat your way through them. They come at £0.25 a chapter and can be bought here. We should point out that the books are completely browser based, and once you’re done, you’re done – or you have to pay for the experience again.