Comedian Richard Herring fights back against 3 call centre

Comedian Richard Herring has turned the table on a call centre, which appears to be a third party employed by 3, which keeps trying to poach him from his O2 contract. Instead of letting it slide, he’s urged his 26,694 Twitter followers to call up the centre and request that they subscribe to his podcast.

Generally the customer service has been bad: One Tweet said a man on the phone told @LibLikesSweets to “get a life you bloody twat.” Another was told to eff off and “stop wasting my time” – something we all can relate to when we get sales calls, but perhaps don’t say.

We talked to a 3 spokesperson who confirmed that 3 does use third parties for its sales calls but has a strict policy with unacceptable behaviour and customer service – and has previously sacked centres that didn’t act acceptably. 

We are told that we can expect 3 to investigate the call centre. A website for reporting dodgy numbers has eight complaints against the centre, which appears to be based in Wales.  We tried to call the number but could not get through due to the high volume of callers. 

Richard Herring tells TechEye “The amazing power of Twitter has been revealed again. Annoyed with getting cold called about the same thing I didn’t want twice in two days I decided to give the people working on behalf of 3 a taste of their own medicine. I didn’t anticipate it taking off so wildly, but I hope the callers have learned that being rung about the same thing on more than one occasion makes you less inclined to take it up. Who’d have thought it?”

Richard’s podcast can be found here