Chinese tablets are the tiny elephants in the room

OK, I am going to give this a go. Anything Walt Mossberg can do, I can give it a bash. I am writing this on an iPad 3 because i amtiredoflugging ’round my crap Asus with rubbish power performance. Word processor? Nah, the freebie notes app that comes with the iPad for nowt.

Just wandering round the Nangang conference centre it is quite clear to me that with the vast number of tablets around at really inexpensive prices, it cannot be long before people will shrug their shoulders and say why the heck should I pay hundreds of bucks for a Windows or an Apple tablet when I can have a well built one for £50 or so?

For example, at the Gajah stand here, there are really well built seven inch tablets using quad core processors and made of real metal and that.

The question is, how can you, dear reader, get hold of one of these gizmos?

One vendor, who I will not name to protect the innocent, told me that its rather attractive range of tabs can only be sold in mainland China, otherwise his “company’s ass would get sued by Acer and the like”.