Chinese phone maker says "no" to Microsoft

Chinese phone maker ZTE has gone on record saying that it would not touch Microsoft Phone 7 with a barge pole.

According to Network World, the outfit said that Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system is not popular enough.

It blames Vole for not doing enough to make punters interest in it and ZTE sees no reason for it to develop a smartphone running it.

Wu Sa, ZTE’s U.K. director of mobile device operations said that ZTE had been testing WP7 phones in its labs, but would stick to Android for now.

Wu said that it was up to Vole to improve its WP7 marketing if it wanted manufacturers to invest in it. The only reason that ZTE would do so, is if its customers screamed for it.

This is the second big thumbs down for Volish ambitions in the Mobile maket.

At the beginning of the year, LG Electronics marketing executive, James Choi, said that Microsoft’s marketing efforts made the OS about as visible as a quantum black cat in a dark room.

Vole started advertising in November, but most of it appears to be from the carriers.

Microsoft appears to be pinning its hopes on the billion dollar deal it signed with Nokia to adopt WP7.

Actually there is very little wrong with WP7, it just seems that Microsoft has no idea how to market it or compete with Android and Apple.