China Unicom heads towards Rim

China Unicom has announced that it is in talks with Research In Motion about offering BlackBerry devices  .

 According to Computerworld, while Chinese telcos are falling over themselves to approach Rim about flogging its gear, China Unicom’s announcement follows a decision to limit the outfit’s involvement with Google.

Google is leaving China over a row about censorship and there is some talk that there is pressure on the China Unicom to pull away from its investment in Android.

 A Chinese regulator allowed the BlackBerry 8310 to be sold in China but at the time there was no indication as to who would be using the gear.

Other telcos have also been approaching Rim about deals involving Blackberry and it is possible that the Canadian outfit could end up taking the Chinese market by storm. After all it is not expensive and controlled by America, like the iPhone, nor does it have an official cloud hanging over it like Android.