China releases 3G tablet

If Apple hoped that it is expensive keyboardless computer the iPad would make a splash in the lucrative Chinese market, it can forget it.

Chinese telecommunications operator China Telecom has announced the launch of its first customized 3G tablet computer product named LifePad.

The gizmo has an embedded EVDO module and supports China Telecom’s 3G network.

The LifePad is rather good. It uses Freescale’s i.MX51 processor based on the ARM Cortex A8 core. It has a screen of 800×600 inches and pre-installs Android 2.1.

It runs Microsoft Office viewing software, mobile television software, and handwriting-recognition software. It also merges China Telecom’s eSurfing platform and the Android platform

China Telecom’s chairman Wang Xiaochu had indicated that it will negotiate with Apple for the possibility to introduce the product into the Chinese market.

However if you are making something cheaper that your customers already like then why bother?