Californian judge tosses Apple iPad claim out of court

Chinese company Proview has lost a case against Apple for tricking them into selling the “iPad” name  in the US.

The company thought it would try its luck by taking on Apple on its home turf of California. We would have thought this optismistic. Apple runs the local police force as its own private security operation and conducts warrentless searches of citizen’s houses in the State.

Proview is having more luck suing Apple in China over alleged illegal use of the iPad name and the Californian court case was really a side issue. If it had won it would have caused Apple a huge legal headache.

The case claimed that Jobs’ Mob deceived it by purchasing the rights to the name through a front company. If Proview had known that it was dealing with Apple it would have jacked the price up.

According to Reuters, Judge Mark Pierce dismissed the case, agreeing with Apple’s argument that the two parties had agreed to settle any disagreements in Hong Kong.

Apple told the court it bought ownership of the trademark in various countries from Proview but the Chinese company argues that the US firm dealt with only one unit of Proview and it retains rights to the iPad name in China.

Apple insists that Proview is “unfairly trying to get more from Apple for a trademark we already paid for.”