California cops are still Apple nutz

Coppers in California seem only to give you a good service if your call is Apple related.

Not only have they been caught carrying out warrantless searches on behalf of Jobs’ Mob, they are now credited with allocating a team of ten staff to find an iPhone.

Berkeley California’s police chief, Michael Meehan and a crew of 10 police officers searched for his son’s missing mobile phone after it went missing from the boy’s unlocked locker at school.

When they could not find it, eight members of the department’s drug task force worked on overtime to track it down.

The iPhone was equipped with the Find My iPhone tracking software, but the thieves were wise to that and the whole thing was a waste of time.

However, for all this money wasted, there was no report, or a even a report of a crime.

Meehan is pretty controversial. In March, he sent a sergeant to a reporter’s home at around 1am to ask for changes to an online article.

In a statement, Berkeley Police Department claimed that the chief did not order an investigation, but the drug task force officers volunteered to help find it.