Businesses plan huge mobile spend

Businesses in the UK and the US are planning to double their mobile product spending over the next 18 months, according to a survey.

Antenna Software had Vanson Bourne survey 1,000 CIOs in the UK and the US. The survey found that 43 percent of the companies surveyed are already working on a mobile app for customers, while 42 percent are building mobile apps for their employees to use.

It seems companies are waking up to the fact mobile is here to stay. Just under half of companies surveyed said that they are working on mobile websites for customers. Frustrations among CIOs include the speed at which they can get software onto the market, while 42 percent claimed that at the moment, building services is far too expensive. The average time frame for a completed project was over six months.

Of the companies surveyed, the average all-time investment was £269,000. However, over the next 18 months that is expected to reach £590,000.

Businesses would be beyond foolish at this point to ignore the mobile phenomena. It’s clear to most industry watchers that there are plenty of opportunities to be found in mobile. It’s about convenience and usability.

An example is eBay. Along with other retailers it has seen a tremendous shift in consumer shopping habits.

“Definitely we’re doing more mobile marketing, we’re investing in developing and improving our apps, and we have a new mobile team in Europe specifically to drive the business forward,” an eBay spokesperson said. “This is all additional spending. The big picture is we’re targeting $8bn in global revenue from mobile in 2012, having achieved $5bn in 2011.”

What really matters isn’t solely being present on mobile platforms – but getting that presence right with the best kind of usability and end-experience to fit the customer.