Bulgarian mobile company believes cursed phone number led to deaths

Some mobile numbers are cursed and may lead to death, according to the Telegraph.

A Bulgarian number, 0888 888 888, has been discontinued because all three owners of the number over the past 10 years have died horrible deaths.

The first person to have the number was Vladimir Grashnov, who was the former CEO of Mobitel, the phone company that actually issued the number for him. He died of cancer in 2001 at the age of 48. It might have been the supposed link between mobile phones and cancer. Or it might have been the cursed many-8s number.

In fact, there have been rumours that his cancer was caused by radioactive poisoning from a rival businessmen. Maybe the other guy wanted the coveted phone number for himself.

The second lucky individual to have the number was Bulgarian crime boss Konstantin Dimitrov, who was shot dead in 2003 in the Netherlands as he was inspecting his multi million drug smuggling scheme. He was only 31 and had his phone with him when he was gunned down. It could have just been the fact that he was a mafia boss and being shot at is in the job description. Or it could have been the jinxed number.

Third time isn’t the charm, with the number passing to Konstantin Dishliev, a dodgy businessman, who was also shot dead in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2005. He had been secretly running his own drug trafficking scheme, but it’s unlikely that had anything to do with his death. The blame must fall with the hexed number.

Mobitel has now discontinued the number, probably because it likes to keep its customers alive so they can pay their bills. “We have no comment to make,” a Mobitel spokesperson said. “We won’t discuss individual numbers.” Especially cursed ones.