Broken iPhone 4 has more problems

The iPhone 4, which already does not work unless you stick a rubber band around it, has another problem, this time with its camera.

The expensive gizmo, which is probably the most successful albatross in company history, has been popular even as the press reveal more of its faults.

Now the pro-Apple Sydney Morning Herald has admitted that Apple iPhone 4 users are moaning that their photos are obscured by an annoying coloured tinge.

Snaps are being tainted by blue, yellow and green splotches which the iPhone 4 takes upon itself to place, driving users crazy.

The problem seems to only occur when taking images with the rear-facing camera under fluorescent indoor lighting.

If you do that you get a snap with a blue tint that appears as a circle from the centre of the photo. The front facing camera has the same problem but it is not as severe.

What is interesting is that although the forums are full of complaints about the camera, Apple has made no moves to investigate the problem. Nor has anyone made much of a song and dance about it.

It seems that using a phone which disconnects when you don’t hold it the way Steve Jobs tells you, has screen colouration problems, and now faulty cameras has created a similar psychology to those during the London Blitz. In other words: “Life is hell, but we will get through it.” 

We just wonder how long it will be before the Apple fanboys revolt against the way they are treated.