Broke Apple fanboys peddle their iPhones

Cash strapped Apple fanboys are being forced to part with their expensive toys as a dose of reality, and sales tax rises, counter any marketing ploys from Jobs’ Mob.

According to The Guardian, iPhone users are waking up to the fact that their Apple gear is too expensive to own while they can’t put enough food on the table and there has been an upswing in the numbers of people trying to flog them online., a website that compares prices from mobile recycling sites, has seen a 70 percent increase in inquiries about mobile phone recycling in the last week of last year, while site traffic continued to increase during January.

To be fair, sales of the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, the BlackBerry 8520 Curve and the iPhone 3GS 8Gb have also being doing rather well. These models are all between 18 months and two years old but can still fetch about £150, and the owners are likely to have come to the end of their contracts and are able to upgrade.

But the 844 iPhone 4s and the 113 HTC Windows 7 that owners have recycled since 26 December is a little harder to explain away. These are relatively new models, with the HTC phone launched just three months ago. Nine iPads have also been sold. thinks that the recycling of these models is because of the high prices they command: £360 for the iPhone 4 32Gb. In othe rwords punters need the money more than they need the phone.

Keir McConomy, managing director of, told the Guardian that consumers flogging iPhone 4s need cash, and fast. has bought between 60 and 100 iPhone 4s every day. Charlo Carabott, managing director of the firm, some of them have got cash problems, while others have been offered upgrades to iPhone 4s, but decided they were happy with their existing phone and decide to sell the iPhone on to fund their monthly mobile costs.

In the comments you will find messages from fan boys insisting that they have never even thought of flogging their iPhone 4, even if they are starving.  There is almost certain to be one bloke who claims that that his faith in Steve Jobs feeds him better than any bread and fish that that Jesus bloke created.