Broadcom prepares second coming of wi-fi

Wireless maker Broadcom is set to announce products with the new IEEE standard 802.11ac in what is being dubbed as the second coming of wi-fi.

Broadcom said that the products should be out in the second half of next year. The IEEE 802.11ac is a wireless standard of 802.11 under development.

At a media event in San Francisco, Broadcom was telling the world and its dog why Broadcom’s push into 802.11ac was really important.

According to Physorg, Rahul Patel, the company’s vice president of mobile and wireless, said the new version can operate at a speed of as much as 1.3 gigabits per second and it used the less crowded 5Ghz band, so it will not have interference problems.

Since the speed is faster, it will take less time for the client to work to transmit and receive data compared with the 802.11n client and means that it will take less of a hit on the battery.

All the new standard offers longer range and improved wall penetration which means it will be much more useful for home users.

Patel thinks consumers will need faster wi-fi soon, to take advantage of home technology devices such as being able to send multiple streams of video to their TVs. More devices than ever are competing for wireless connections in the home

The standard is not officially ratified yet. The Wi-Fi Alliance is holding its first 802.11ac compatibility testing plug-fest in the second quarter of next year. That will lead to hardware interoperability, but Broadcom said that existing hardware will be able to upgrade for any late changes to the standard via a firmware update. This is what happened when the 802.11n hardware was bought out.