Brits waste fortunes on phone contracts

Brits waste more than a billion pounds a year on phone contracts that they don’t need.

According to, most Brits are using the wrong contract and the entire buying public could save a billion if they all switched to the right one.

More than half of punters are on monthly contracts where they didn’t use up all of their minutes. Yet they didn’t switch down a step to a lower tariff to save money.

About 42 percent said they found mobile tariffs confusing, and another 46 percent were worried they were on the wrong tariff and were being overcharged.

However more than eight per cent of those on monthly mobile contracts – some 1.3 million people – have to top up their bills every month because they go over their limit of minutes.

Alex Buttle, from, said that with so many mobile phone contracts available, it’s no surprise that so many people find tariffs confusing.

However it is a little worrying that so many are paying cash monthly because they don’t change their tariff to match their level of usage.

It would be easily fixed if people check their previous bills to work out how many minutes they’re actually using. This is really important if you are thinking about a smartphone because some of those contracts last 24 months.