Brits like social networking and email when driving

Despite being told time and time again that it is illegal to use a mobile while driving, the majority of Brits are still ignoring the law.

Using mobile phones while driving and without a hands free set has been illegal for over seven years. However, according to a survey by Good Mobile Phones, many of us are risking a fine and points on our licence by ignoring the rules.

In a survey of 1,859 motorists aged 17 and over, the mobile website found 81 percent are using their mobile while driving, without the use of a hands-free device.

Of these 52 percent said they used their phones to make a call, while a further 44 percent admitted that they text when driving. A sneaky 31 percent said that they check emails on the road. How!?!?

Facebook etc are also causes for concern with 24 percent claiming to use their mobile to “access social networking sites” while driving.

Just one in 10 said they would never make a phone call when driving without the use of a hands-free kit and only three percent said that they would never access their phone at all when on the road.

And it looks as though some drivers may not be up to date with the rules. When asked if they were aware that punishments could be incurred for the use of mobile phones when driving, 62 percent said that they weren’t, while  11 percent said they were unsure.