British interest in iPhone crashes

Apple’s inability to come up with anything new on the iPhone 4S other than a broken voice activated search system is causing its customers to buy the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Figures from the telecoms outfit uSwitch show that after the Samsung Galaxy S III was launched in May it rapidly rose to the top of the pops and stayed there.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, said that the Galaxy dominates with the S III, the S II, Note and Ace holding four places in the top six phones.

The iPhone 4S maintains its position as the second most popular UK phone, but older models 4 and 3GS are overtaken by more affordable smartphones.

The first Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 800 re-entered the chart above the two older iPhone models at number eight, Doku said.

Doku claimed it was because the Galaxy S III 16GB Blue features had good S-Voice functions, allowing the user to check the weather, open apps, take photos and turn the phone on and off with voice commands.

In the UK, deals on the phone start at £26 a month and it has a 4.8 inch super AMOLED HD Screen which starts to make the iPhone 4S as dated as medieval Thibarine.

Doku said that the enduring popularity of the iPhone 4S is undeniable but the buzz following details regarding the iOS 6 software update actually saw interest in the 4S wane.

He said that consumers are sitting tight in anticipation for the inevitable smartphone sequel.

There has been some good news for Microsoft. While the Nokia Lumia 800 has not been doing incredibly well, it is getting a fresh wave of popularity, thanks largely to its attractive price tag. In the UK you can pick one up for about £15 per month.

Doku said that the Taiwanese phone maker HTC continues to be a player in the UK. The manufacturer’s new trio of handsets have had limited success, with only the flagship One X really doing well.