Brit tech writer stunned to be the voice of Siri

While the world and its dog is getting all excited about Apple’s Siri software, Siri itself turns out to be a former British tech journalist called Jon Briggs who was jolly surprised at his new role.

Jon Briggs quit writing about technology to do voice-over work, and recorded “Daniel” for Scansoft, which subsequently merged with Nuance, the outfit that works with Apple on Siri.

He said he had no idea that he was the voice of Siri until he saw an advert with his voice on it the telly.

Briggs told the Daily Telegraph that he did a set of recordings with Scansoft five or six years ago, for text-to-speech services.

It involved him saying five thousand sentences over three weeks, spoken in a very particular way and only reading flat and even.

Scansoft went away and took all the phonics apart, because it had to be able to read anything you want, even if the words had not been recorded.

He said that he is not bitter about his 15 minutes of fame because he was paid pretty well by Scansoft.

One thing he found amusing was that Apple has since written to him to shut up about being the voice of Siri. He pointed out that he has not signed a contract with them and he wondered how they could get him to shut up.

Still, it appears that Briggs is everywhere these days – he is the voice of satnav for Garmin, TomTom, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi and Porsche.