Blackberry walks away from TMobile

You would think that the troubled mobile maker Blackberry would need all the friends it can get; but apparently, it does not want any help from TMobile.

Blackberry said on Tuesday it will not renew its licence with T-Mobile US to sell Blackberry products after the current contract expires on April 25.

The Canadian company said it will continue to provide service and support to existing customers on T-Mobile’s network or those who will buy products from the carrier’s inventory.

Blackberry Chief Executive John Chen said in a statement that the two company’s strategies are not complementary.

Blackberry said it is “working closely” with other carrier partners to provide users with alternatives should they decide to switch from T-Mobile.

At the heart of the problem was when T-Mobile sent out emails to some of its customers in February, pitching free iPhone 5s and touting the promotion as a “great offer for BlackBerry customers.”

Blackberry customers were furious at what they perceived as a slight and the social media backlash prompted T-Mobile US Chief Executive John Legere to respond publicly, assuring Blackberry and its users of his company’s support.