Blackberry security open to the cops since 2010

BlackberryWhile Blackberry has a reputation for being incredibly secure, it has actually provided a back-door to the Canadian coppers since 2010.

The information is in the middle of a stack of court documents that were made public after members of a Montreal crime syndicate pleaded guilty to their role in a 2011 gangland murder. Blackberry and telecommunications giant Rogers cooperated with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The Mounties intercepted and decrypted roughly one million PIN-to-PIN BlackBerry messages in connection with the probe. The key was code that could break the encryption on virtually any BlackBerry message sent from one device to another.

Needless to say the Canadian government spent almost two years fighting in a Montreal courtroom to keep this information out of the public record.

BlackBerry has confirmed that it handed over the global encryption key, and fought against a judge’s order to release more information about their working relationship.

It does mean that coppers have had access to Canadians’ personal mobiles without the public being aware of it