Blackberry roadmap leaked including OS 7 in November

Blackberry is an outfit with more leaks than Wales. Last year there were shedloads of leaks and roadmaps which ended up in the press.

This year it looks like it will be no different with the first major roadmap leak ending up in the paws of N4BB.

RIM will release the Dakota/Montana, Malibu, Apollo/Sedona, Monaco, and Torch 2 handsets all preloaded with OS 6.1. QNX, OS 7.0 should begin to reach handsets towards the end of November 2011.

The roadmap did not say if OS 7.0 will be an ‘update’ to 6.1 or if it will be released on newer devices first and potentially rolled out to older devices later.

Basically it looks like RIM is concentrating on building a few apps.

In the shops this year will be BIS 4.0 in March or April and 4.1 in late August or early September.

There will be a Facebook 2.0 beta 1 and 2, App World for BlackBerry PlayBook in March. There will also be an updated BlackBerry Protect 1.1 and 1.2, Identity Service, Social Feeds 2.0 in May and BlackBerry News 1.1.

With all this leakage one has to wonder if the sudden exit of chief marketing officer Keith Pardy was called for.

It is unlikely.

You don’t leave someone who might have been responsible for leaking things in place for six months. However the roadmap does indicate what he will not be sticking around for. It looks like he was not that interested in generating enthusiasm for the new OS7 and choose to go long before he had to prepare for it.