Blackberry lost ground in the enterprise

Troubled mobile phone maker RIM has lost a significant chunk of its users in its traditional stomping ground of the enterprise.

For years, RIM managed to keep its head above water because it was popular with corporates who liked its security and integration into the network.

However, according to the iPass Q4 Mobile Workforce Report , BlackBerry is no longer in the top two devices used in the enterprise.

The report was based on responses from workers at over 1,100 enterprises. It found that less than a quarter of mobile workers use BlackBerry devices. More than half use iPhones and a third use Android. BlackBerry had a third of the market in 2011.

Symbian has a six percent share, with Windows Phone in fifth with five percent share.

iPass points out that Windows Phone is expected to elbow its way into the market next year. 

The report said that Microsoft will win from the BYOD proliferation as some corporations that sponsor smartphones for their employees have already signed on to distribute Windows Phone devices next year.

The report notes that there is evidence of people having more than one device. The five percentages total 124 percent.

BlackBerry does better in Europe than its native North America, while Symbian/Nokia experienced the greatest fluctuation – 13 percent penetration in Asia Pacific but only one percent in the US.

The report said that RIM was hoping its new operating system and its new-ish, energetic CEO will reverse its fortunes.

However, this mobile workforce report shows many mobile employees have already swapped out their ageing BlackBerry devices for Android and Apple phones.