Bitkom says women love the mobile web

It appears German women are a bit more keen to access the web from smartphones or tablets than their male counterparts.

According to industry organisation Bitkom, 20 percent of women asked in a survey said they use their mobile to surf the web, whereas 16 percent of males, four percent less, confessed to sitting around in cafés, drinking latte macchiato and using free wireless on their iOS, Bada, Android or Symbian The Nearly Deceased and Half Undead handsets.

In total, 18 percent of Germany’s internet users use a handset to scour the WWW, compared to 10 percent last year. Bitkom expects ten million smartphones will be sold in the country over the course of this year. Nonetheless, laptops, tablets and netbooks still rank a bit higher. Around 24 percent of survey participants stated they used such a device to surf, tweet, post and look at pornography online.

It can be expected the amount of consumers accessing the net through a smartphone will overtake the notebook, netbook and tablet crowd this year.

Bitkom sees the roll-out of LTE networks as a main driver. According to the ITC trade association, around 3,500 sites will have been upgraded to LTE by the end of March this year, offering speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s (megabit per second).

Operators expect revenue from data services to grow 12 percent to seven billion euro.

Last year, a total of 70 million GB of data was transferred up and down mobile networks, the equivalent of 15 million DVDs, twice as much as two years ago. LTE will see that figure skyrocket.