Bing new search and map standard on Blackberry

Steve Ballmer has appeared on stage at BB World. As far as we can tell, we weren’t invited.

But according to that impeccable avenue of journalistic credibility, Twitter, Bing will be going to Blackberry effective today.

Along with other reports on the #bbworld hashtag, and according to TechRepublic’s editor, who is tweeting the event, Ballmer has said that “We are going to invest uniquely in the BlackBerry platform in addition to our own platform.”  

He also quotes RIM’s CEO as saying what really sets Blackberry apart from the other smartphones is that it has the best keyboards. 

Microsoft really does want to get its platform out there. As far as the initial reports go, it seems Blackberry decided that it wanted to pal up to Microsoft over the looming threat of Google.

Bing will also be the standard for mapping. We guess RIM thought it safer to side with Ballmer’s gang than risk being consumed by Google. 

And yes, we really must remember to register next year. Especially since we just heard everyone attending is getting a 16GB Playbook.